10 Factors About Massage Therapy that you don't Know


1. Anybody wants a relaxing full body massage, after a long day at office or working at home. Can you refuse it? Few people can resist it. At least 16% of Americans orders their massage therapy annually. Survey also showed in the States, an average every 38 people out of 100 in the US has had their massage session at some or the other point in their lives.

2. How popular exactly are massage therapy?  Americans on average receive 230 million massagesessions in any given year. It produced an 11 to 15 billion dollar industry…now that is certainly a big number!

3. How satisfied are the customers? Reports show that the absolute majority (85%) of people who received a massage, rated very favorably for their experiences. Few industries can rival this with higher satisfaction rate.

4. It is estimated that around 241,058 people are providing their skills and labor in the US alone to provide consumers that perfect massage!

5. Massage is only for relaxation? Massage provides great benefits for therapeutic purposes. There is more people went for massage therapy compared with chiropractic or physical therapy services. Even if this means, they have to pay for the massage therapy by themselves without insurance coverages.

6. As already mentioned, the massage and spa industry today is not just fashion and lifestyle sector, the revenues it collects, give a clear testimonial for the same. In the year 2005, the revenues were almost 9.7 billion US dollars and had seen tremendous rise from the earlier 3 billion dollars in the year 2003. As per calculation, this hike can be standardized to an 18 percent growth rate. The number of state-approved schools also provided corroboration.

7. Now, the most obvious fact that almost every person knows is which of the sexes loves to get pampered. Almost 69% of the women enjoy their spa sessions tremendously and make up for the majority of the consumers in this industry. This is a result of the surveys conducted by ISPA spa study. While women love massage for its relaxation, men tends to visit for therapeutic reasons.

8. 13% of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) member companies have onsite massageat business premise. A majority of the top 100 companies pamper their employees with workplace massage. (http://www.huntington-beach-massage.com)

9. Very importantly, getting a massage done relaxes your body and removes several kinds of pains and without any side effects. Achieves of Internal Medicine conducted and reported that the functioning of the joints in case of osteoarthritis patients improved with massage. According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, it is splendid for all back ache and also reduces the Carpal tunnel syndrome (The Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies in the year 2004).

10. Very interestingly, Neonatal massages under great care and observation can be useful in improving the mind’s developmental quotient. It is used as an alternative medicine Following are the observations by the Miami University regarding the effectiveness of the treatments.

  • Checks on the possibility of a premature child and bad maternal health.

  • With the use of ADHD, it is proven that the massages work wonders with super aggressive or less hyperactive people. It is a ray of hope for the sufferers of autism as they show tremendous progress.

  • It is also effective for children with reduced functioning of the lungs or the ones who suffer from young age diabetes.

  • Similar effects have been seen in case for cancer patients who have reported that they get distressed after massages. According to the Journal of Neuroscience and Psychosomatic Medicine, a goodmassage therapy can do big wonders for your immunity by improving the immune system.(http://www.huntington-beach-massage.com/massage-therapy.html )


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