Massage Therapy march forward despite gloomy economy

  • Massage helps people to come out from stress
  • More “Recession stress buster” packages from massage therapy centers

Global economy remains unstable post 2008 recession, but a few sectors, such as massage industry see it as an opportunity to attract more business from the people hit by stress and anxiety.

The experts say the massage industry flourishes due to multiple reasons. Interestingly it gets more inflow as the people opt for massage to come out from stress caused due to economic crisis. On the other side, a chain of discount offers makes the therapy affordable even for a common man.

Although recession was said to be over, unemployment rate is expected to hover above 8% through 2012 as employers postpone hiring until they absolutely sure the economy is stable. (

The data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the unemployment rate stood at 8.2% in May 2012 compared to 9.1% in the same period a year ago and 9.7% in 2010. It stood at 9.4% in 2009, up from 5.5% the previous year.

But the downturn did not hit massage industry as the US Department of Labor statistics show the industry is booming despite recession hurdles. An estimated 30,000massage and bodywork professionals were in 1987. Currently it increased to 280-320 thousands of massage therapists and massage school students in the US. Employment for massage therapists is likely to surge 19% from 2008 to 2018, faster than average for all other jobs.

With uncertain economic crisis creating unrest, experts say the people prefer massage therapy to come out from stress. The massage parlors see the economic down turn as an opportunity to market their products. They have started offering various special packages targeting customers hit by recession. Many of them rolled out “Recession stress buster” packages, which offer 40-50% discount. The 60-minute massage session that was offered for $60-90 has been now reduced to $35-60 with one or two free sessions in the multiple-session package. The clients will also get more benefit when they refer the service to others.

Physiologically too people believe the massage helps them to get rid of stress and anxiety. Medical science notes that massage therapy relaxes soft tissues that would create physiological effects on the systems of muscular, vascular and nervous. As a result, it helps balancing nervous system, reduce muscular tension by lengthening contracted muscles and improve circulation to restricted tissues. 
Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) notes massage therapy is one of widely used forms of alternative medicine in the US. It states there are around 250 types in massage. More than 39 million American adult (15%) consulted doctors about massage therapy in July 2011 compared to 16% in the same period a year ago. 
With massage gaining more importance in the healthcare field, exclusive massage therapy centers are trying to offer A-Z package as more references come from medical professionals.

For an instance, “Anna’s Health and Healing Centre” in Huntington Beach, California ( provides massage therapy along with herbal medicinal service and acupuncture treatment. In the same manner, several massage therapy centers are adding other services to offer comprehensive packages. 

According to Massage Industry Fact Sheet 2012 compiled by American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), a whopping 38 million Americans (18%) had a massage at least one time in 2010-11. During the period, the study revealed 44% of adult Americans received massage for health reasons compared to 35% a year ago and 90% of them agree massage as an effective method to reduce pain, up from 86% from the earlier year survey. Interestingly 29% percent of clients said they hadmassage for relaxation and 53% confirmed they underwent massage therapy at least one time to relieve or manage stress.

In July 2011, over 39 million American adults (15%) had discussed with their physicians about possibility of taking massage therapy compared to 16% a year earlier. The medical professionals have recommended massage therapy for 35% of their patients.

At present, the US houses around 350 accredited schools and programs for massage therapy. AMTA estimated massage therapy industry at $12-17 billion in 2010 while it marginally fell to $10-11 billion in 2011 following discount offers by therapists to cope with gloomy economic situation in the US. The findings revealed that 59% of Americans would like to cover massage therapyin their insurance package. ( )

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