Massage technique: acupressure, a treatment more effective than physical therapy

With advancements in medical technologies today, life expectancy has increased significantly. Even with robots and micro instruments replacing hands, there are still plenty of instances when people choose to rely on the more traditional practices of medical healing like acupressure.

Talking of traditional, acupressure was in the picture of some odd 5000 years back and like most medical practices of the time, aimed at a holistic approach to correct and sometimes revert back conditions to their normal state. So, let us unfold this age old tradition in parts and see why leading doctors and physicians call it better than physical therapy. As you go along, you will find for yourself what the basic points are in any acupressure session and how can the major diseases of the body be corrected with it.

What is acupressure? A brief insight about the various factors and terminologies

In the plain light of things, acupressure and acupuncture might sound to be the same thing and in a vague manner are indeed same in their concepts. In the former, which for that matter is the older version of it, certain points or energy points of the body are stimulated using your hand. In the latter, which majority of us is aware of, the same thing is done with just one exception that instead of a hand massage, tiny needles of varying dimensions are used to stimulate the acupoints. (

Energy spheres: one of the most important and a basic principle of both these practices is the concept of the bodily energy points. They are called by two names, qi orchi that is pronounced as chee. According to ancient Chinese practitioners, the body remains in a state of complete well-being as long as these energy spheres are free to flow through energy channels called meridians. The occurrence of the disease is when there is some blockage in their path.

Mechanism behind acupressure: so, now that we know what chi is, let us know the scientific base of such acupoints massage.( There are endocrine hormones and chemical releases by our brain that help to maintain the body in their perfectly balanced state and the patrons of the acupressure technique believe that when you press the acupoints, it triggers the release of endorphins. Endorphin is the magic spell that regulates the aging process, pain and its relief, providing immunity against diseases etc. so, when you actually press an acupoints, you either do it through a local point or any triggering point that is the different point.

Why is it better than physical therapy and what diseases can be cured using it?

Some of the most important areas where acupressure has been seen as a miracle therapy include sports medicine, beautification of the skin, lower back pain and all sorts of stress related aches, redemption of the self-control and responsiveness if psychotically challenged people and cancer survivors etc. Arthritis finds a potential cure through this and others are constipation, insomnia, cramps during menses etc.

Facts to suggest its benefits over traditional physical therapy

The National University of Taiwan conducted a controlled trial in 2006. Some 129 patients who complained of lower back aches (aged between 18 to 81). They were subjected to either acupressure or physical therapy for a month that was followed by 6 months of following up. at the end, it was seen that 89% more people were benefitted from the former while almost 15.5 % of the receivers of the second type failed to continue with the follow up.

A big achievement in this regard, for students is the recent study that suggested that if you mastered the art of self-administration of acupressure, you were unlikely to fall asleep during your classes!

There are many children who suffer from ADHD contra-Ritalin and the good news is that acupressure treatment has shown considerable positivity in this aspect too. 

One of the best things about this is that is it completely safe to do and unlike acupuncture can be done yourself after proper study, which for that matter is not rocket sciences.

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