Massage therapy for Lower back pain 

Lower back pain, according to surveys and extensive studies conducted by several health care departments in the United States, has been given the defamed title of the costliest medical treatment when viewed from a broader perspective of the total sufferers. Now, what can be the reason behind this? You might just ask that how can a seemingly harmless problem of the skeletal system be so overtly grossed? Well, the simple reason is that every 8 out of 10 people in the United States of America miss their work due to lower back pain of any degree. Now, in a country where every minute counts, can we really afford that? Apart from this obvious loss, which for that matter seems quite large, let us zero in the other areas where lower back pain creates a menace and quite literally that is!(

Quick analysis of the problem

In many parts of the world, people have to be absent from their duties because of this problem. The number is a prominent one and this is even more so in America, where lifestyle is less sedentary. People not only face extreme difficulty in sitting upright on seats that do not support their backs but also suffer from some or the other kind of structural deformity, while sitting, walking or even while sleeping. Structural deformities are both the cause and the result of different types of lower back pains. (

The probable reason for such severe pains in the lumber region of the vertebra:

Treatments for the lower back pain tends to fall short for being either too general in nature or a simple lack of a concrete to pin-point to. The actual reasons for the symptoms can even trace to a childhood injury somewhere in the lumber region (quite possible that you missed noticing it back then) or it can be some complex muscular imbalances. Let us quickly put together some of the most common reasons that can be ascertained to the same.

  • Distortion patterns in your posture: also called muscular imbalance, this occurs when there are two different types of muscles at both sides, one side they are strong and the other side weak.

  • Injury to the back: this is probably one of the most common reasons and in the same manner is very tough to identify. Not all injuries result into lower back aches later (the general age is 30 to 50 years) but the ones that do, often go unnoticed initially.

  • Lack of activities and wrong postures: this is purely a man-made factor and includes long sitting hours in front of the computer, a slouched sitting position and for girls, high heeled shoes.

  • Psoas: these are a set of muscles that carry on most of the work related to the hip joint. Because of its close approximation to the lumber region, pain in the psoas is particular in lower back ache. It is very categorical with a sharp stinging ache in the hip region that might spread to your lower hips, legs and even upper back. You are likely to feel the acute pain when getting up, stretching your legs while steering your vehicle but feel absolutely alright when sitting or even walking.

 Massage: the one solution to all the above mentioned problems

Now that we have discussed in quite some detail about the cause and effects of lower back pain, let us emphasize on how can that be corrected using a fuss free, highly effective technique: Massages!

Who does not like being pampered? I guess that would get an univocal response. What if we say that along with getting a relaxing, highly refreshing session of full bodymassage, you also get long term relief from your lower back pain? Now that is really happy news…right? 

Yes! The advancements in the massage therapy today have catapulted the several benefits of the massage and treating pains is quite achievable. Specific for the various kinds of back aches, they can certainly be a great alternative or complement to conventional traction or surgical processes by toning your defamed muscles, massages bring back all your lost confidence and happiness in life. ( )

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